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At The Mulch Pit we practice a thing called "promiscuous permaculture." It's not as sexy as it sounds - it simply means, if you've got it, we probably want it. 

But lately we have ended up looking a bit like a junk yard, so please check out below the things we could use right now.... if it's not listed, please find another owner.

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Tip Shop Boat

So there's this great boat at the Tip Shop. But they want too much for it - $50.

It's a fiberglass dinghy and would make a lovely kids' garden.

If you're in the neighborhood and you want to stop by and ask the guy if he'll take $30, that would be great. Don't mention that it's for The Mulch Pit or a community garden (it didn't have any effect when we mentioned it).

Alternatively, if you've got a leaky boat to spare...