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At The Mulch Pit we practice a thing called "promiscuous permaculture." It's not as sexy as it sounds - it simply means, if you've got it, we probably want it. 

But lately we have ended up looking a bit like a junk yard, so please check out below the things we could use right now.... if it's not listed, please find another owner.

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Specific Stuff We're Scrounging

Do you have...

  • rocks or gravel (we can use for drainage)
  • star pickets
  • pavers
  • seeds
  • garden tools (shovels/spades, mattox, forks)
  • horse/cow manure
  • interesting object d'art
  • cardboard/old boxes

We can use 'em! The best time to drop things off is Saturday morning - stay for a cuppa at Frilly's fair trade coffee and tea and homemade cakes.