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At The Mulch Pit we practice a thing called "promiscuous permaculture." It's not as sexy as it sounds - it simply means, if you've got it, we probably want it. 

But lately we have ended up looking a bit like a junk yard, so please check out below the things we could use right now.... if it's not listed, please find another owner.


What we need

Right now we would love donations of the following:

  • a large noticeboard eg. corkboard
  • star pickets or stakes
  • pavers
  • seeds
  • horse/cow manure
  • interesting object d'art
  • cardboard/old boxes



Specific Stuff We're Scrounging

Do you have...

  • rocks or gravel (we can use for drainage)
  • star pickets
  • pavers
  • seeds
  • garden tools (shovels/spades, mattox, forks)
  • horse/cow manure
  • interesting object d'art
  • cardboard/old boxes

We can use 'em! The best time to drop things off is Saturday morning - stay for a cuppa at Frilly's fair trade coffee and tea and homemade cakes.



Add the "f" word to our list of "r" words (refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle...) and Freecycle!

Lucy spotted this yahoo group for Darwin.

Sign up and keep a lookout for interesting things for the Mulch Pit!



Tip Shop Boat

So there's this great boat at the Tip Shop. But they want too much for it - $50.

It's a fiberglass dinghy and would make a lovely kids' garden.

If you're in the neighborhood and you want to stop by and ask the guy if he'll take $30, that would be great. Don't mention that it's for The Mulch Pit or a community garden (it didn't have any effect when we mentioned it).

Alternatively, if you've got a leaky boat to spare...