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Something's always blooming at The Mulch Pit...


Labyrinth Design

Gai has been working on a design for a labyrinth, a meditative space which will entice you to walk amongst fresh herbs.  The area has been cleared between the church building and shadehouse nursery and covered with mulch for the wet season.  This will be our project for dry season 2011.  Download the proposed design from Info & Sign Up and leave a comment with your thoughts.


Making of a Mandala Garden

The current project in The Mulch Pit is the creation of an earth-bag Mandala, which will complete the Earth element of our community garden.  Here is the link to download the information sheet.


Share your surplus of Recipes!

At The Mulch Pit, we're right into "sharing the surplus"! 
It started with sharing home grown organic produce with each other...but why not recipes?
The Mulch Pit are gathering together all your favourite recipes using fresh local ingredients to make a bountiful cookbook.
Download the flyer here to find out how you can contribute.

The Mulch Pit Recipe Drive


Share your surplus!

The Mulch Pit Produce Swap is proving so popular, it will be a weekly event beginning this Saturday April 2.  Download the flyer here to find out how you can swap your excess homegrown fruit, vegies and other goodies for something else you can use!

 Download Produce Swap Flyer here


Bring Herbs for Sunday 31 October

The spiral herb gardens are going to be planted out as part of worship next weekend. We will be looking for donations of plants, cuttings, seedlings etc for the children's segment, as the kids make the herb spirals their own.
Please bring your herb donations to church in preparation for worship planting next Sunday. Thanks!