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Current projects

There's always plenty to do in the garden, whether you come to regular Friday (fortnightly) working bees, or drop in when you have a spare hour.

If you don't know where to start, see if there's something on this list you could help out with. These jobs can be done anytime, by anyone (no expertise required).

  • Weeding, affectionately known as "soil production" around the Pit because we use the weeds for compost and cover the areas we've weeded with cardboard or palm fronds (whichever is on site) and mulch (or just heavy layers of mulch if no carboard available)
  • Tidying up
  • Feeding the chickens some greens from the gardens (with permission of the plot owners, of course)
  • volunteer to go on the Mulch Pit Roster to oversee our Produce Swap each Saturday and be on hand to answer queries about the garden

These items are the Working Bee tasks and require a few pairs of hands and some expertise.

  • preparing to shift the shadehouse to it's new sunnier location.

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