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For the month of April...


  • Depending on rains, plan out dry season beds with seeds and seedlings! (TEG)
  • Plant rockmelons now in raised beds or over trellis (GA, 2010)
  • Plant snow peas now over 3 metre trellis so they’ll flower before the cooler weather (GA, 2010)
  • Sow a crop of cherry tomato seeds now in seedling pots and you’ll have fruit until October/November.  Plant out when the weather cools off (TFG)
  • Now's the time for cucumber, zucchini, celery, eggplant and malabar Greens (GA, online)
  • Perfect time for planting coriander seeds straight into the ground, to avoid transplant shock.  Throw in extra seeds every few weeks to keep up a regular supply of leaves and let the older plants go to flower to attract beneficial insects (GA, online).


  • Harvest seeds from wet season crops (TEG).


  • Cut back dead or dying ginger foliage (GA, 2009)

Prepare and Provide

  • Shade seedings.  Mulch beds heavily.  Cover seedlings with loosened mulch to protect them from the sun (GA, 2009).
  • Fertilise citrus if you didn’t do it in March.  Break the flower off new banana bunches when the fruit is fully formed and fertilise heavily with chook manure (GA, 2009)
  • Clean out irrigation systems.  Open the ends of each pipe, turn on the water and flush out accumulated debris, mould, ants, dead lizards etc.  Check dripper nozzles and clean if blocked (GA, 2009)
  • To keep bamboo easy to harvest, take out 3 year old stalks.
  • Continue making compost and liquid compost for the coming Dry (TEG).
  • Add compost to dry season vege beds and fruit trees (TEG).


  • Keep weeds away by building up mulch that broke down during the wet (GA, 2010)

(Source Gardening Australia, March, 2009 and 2010; Top End Gardening (Environment Centre NT); Tropical Food Gardens by Leonie Norrington, 2001); Gardening Australia online at


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