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Planting Guide Index

Info & Sign-Up

Click on each section to find resources you can download and put to use right away in the garden.

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    Annual Reports

    Find copies of our Annual Reports presented at the NUC AGM.
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    Calendar of Activities

    Download the latest Calendar of events and activities of The Mulch Pit.
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    Community events fliers

    There always seems to be something happening with gardening here, there or somewhere. You can print these PDF's and post where you live and work and play to get others involved.
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    Garden Musings and Meditations

    Tools and resources for reflecting on the whole gardening experience.
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    Garden Resources

    Practical and Useful resources and Tip Sheets for gardening in the Top End
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    Getting Around the Mulch Pit

    We have both locally-loved container plots and communal areas in our garden. Use our Mulch Pit Map to find out what is where.
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    Mulch Pit Podcasts

    Podcasts from the Pit on a variety of topics - grow your own, garden philosophers, project updates, permaculture basics. Short ways to brighten your day...and your garden.
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    Mulch Pit User Info

    Instructions and guides for things around the Pit.
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    Permaculture 101

    Resources and info to build your permaculture knowledge and capacity.
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    Plant of the Month

    Click here for fast facts and useful ways of using tropical plants in your garden and kitchen.
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    A collection of prime recipes tried and tested in our outdoor kitchen!
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    Sign Up

    Info and sign up form for becoming a Plotter and Schemer or a Friend of the Mulch Pit.
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    Strategic Planning

    Download the annual Mulch Pit Strategic Planning gathering reports.
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    The Mulch Pit Shed

    Dreams and visions for the garden storage facility.
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    The Pit Produce Swap

    Every Saturday morning, bring your surplus home-grown, organic produce and swap it for something else at Darwin's only Produce Swap! Also check out what's just been harvested from The Mulch Pit. If you have nothing to swap, just make a donation!
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    Adopt A Chook

    Here's everything you need to know to adopt a chook at The Mulch Pit.
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    Church Greening Stories

    This booklet produced in Victoria by the Uniting Church includes an article about the Mulch Pit.
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    Here is a step by step description of how we will be building the mandala in the Mulch Pit.
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    Herb Labyrinth Design

    This is the proposed design for a sensory meditative herbal labyrinth in the Mulch Pit.