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Pit Plans #1

The plan is to post the plans for Saturday in the Pit on here goes!

It's raining very hard today and will probably continue to do so tomorrow (all the way until Thursday of next week according to the weather website.)

Wear gloves and boots and, depending on the lightning, we'll get up to something good!

Tomorrow the Mulch Pit is included in an event happening across the whole property called "Ganma." It is an indigenous word for estuary, or the place where salt and fresh waters meet. It's a vibrant place of change and richness of life and is a metaphor adopted by the Nightcliff Uniting Church to describe its aspirations for community.

The event features light and easy learning centres for each of the five practices - purposeful actions that sustain, guide and lend a sense of identity - that the community has identified as important to life together.

Sustainability, Discernment, Hospitality, Connectivity, Spaciousness.

The Mulch Pit principles are framed around these practices.

Gai is leading the learning centre on Sustainability from the Mulch Pit. She's got some seed planting and mulch-and-poo layering planned.

And if it really is too wet, we'll have a cuppa at Frilly's where the focus is on Hospitality.



Saturday Journal #2

"A Little Rain, A Little Work...Lots of Ideas!"

At the start of the Mulch Pit this morning, around 8, there was a teasingly small amount of rain passing through. The pumpkins perked up...but only temporarily. There was enough time to pollinate a couple between the rain drops.

Not wanting to get too wet, I put up an info sheet and sign up sheet on the notice board (under the eaves of the church building behind the secret garden). Decorated the board with post cards from the Transition Decade crew. Definitely worth checking out their website on that link - "It's time to restore a safe climate."

One of our first group of plotters, Sarah S. and her daughter Paw Wah, arrived a little while later. Sarah watered her two plots, and then together the three of us made watering systems out of old plastic soda bottles. Found the basic info here at Instructables. The person posting this project idea had seen something like it at the Eden Project, which is a very inspiring environmental project/theme park in Cornwall, UK. Basically, with a knife from the Frilly's kitchen, we poked holes in the bottles, cut them open enough to stuff old clothes from the Op Shop bin into them and then buried them in Sarah's plot, awaiting her first plantings. 

Ann W. from the May 2009 permaculture design course stopped by with an encouraging word!

Penny watered the bamboo on the other side of the building (remember, the whole property is Mulch Pit-able!).

After the non-rain rain, the sun came out and the humidity sky-rocketed, so we wilted and went to shop and have a cuppa at Frilly's. 

Lucy, Jarrod and Will joined us at Frilly's and we talked about, well, everything.

  1. Lochlan from Lakeside Drive Community Garden and Leigh from FoodCare thought that we Mulch Pit people might want to help host the "Grow Your Own" Workshops this year. Yes!
  2. Last weekend's "Love the Earth" afternoon tea where 30+ people walked through the garden and gave lots of encouragement!
  3. Going to the tip shop next weekend, Sunday Feb 28 around 3-ish to have a poke around.
  4. Having the monthly Mulch Pit meetings (2nd Saturday) on the garden side by the notice board. 
  5. Getting onto those First Friday night meetings...
  6. Lucy's fabulous fund-raising project, Community Chef.

The Community Chef is an exciting new group cooking experience where you get to create authentic cuisine from different cultures.
10 people will come together to cook, chat and consume culinary delights from around the world, prepared by their own hands, under the guidance of a guest Community Chef.
In series one of the Community Chef, Mythily and Krishnan
introduce our tastebuds to authentic vegetarian Indian cuisine.  You are also welcome to bring organic herbs, spices and veges from your own or a community garden, to incorporate into the dishes!
$20 will buy you a ticket to start chopping and chatting,  5:30pm Friday March 19th at The Manse, Cummins St, Nightcliff.
This one is for guys and gals, so what are you waiiting for?  Get your white hat on and RSVP to Lucy Van Sambeek (use this email address Remember numbers are limited.  Pay your money to Lucy by Saturday March 13, to be guaranteed a place at the table in Series One of the Community Chef.

Then Anne H. from the May 2009 permaculture design course stopped by with the Seed Saver's Handbook. What about The Mulch Pit hosting a seed saving swap during the Seabreeze Festival (May 1-9, 2010)?

Andrew and Ruth (our first plotters) were hosting Frilly's today - thanks for the fabulous cake! See you in the garden soon...

It was a day of a little bit of rain, a little bit of work...and lots of connecting and ideas.



Saturday Journal #1

Today is the official launch of the new website, complete with snazzy domain name and beautiful butterfly! 

The way we use the website will grow and evolve - much like the garden itself - but here's a start. 

Since Saturday mornings are the official Mulch Pit mornings, how about a journal of days. 

Entry #1, February 13, 2010

Today was a lovely gardening day, complete with sun and clouds and rain, much-needed and hoped for rain.

Two people signed up for a total of 3 plots, which was also lovely. We're now at 4 Plotters and counting! 

The notice board is now ready for notices - thanks, Paul for putting it up and putting the plastic over the top. 

Nice work on putting mulch around the bamboo, Gai. 

I continued a bit more on shaping the secret garden pathway that Ruth, Jarrod and I worked on last week. (Sorry about those mite bites, Ruth, but they were not in vain - Powra and Ra-ma-da, two little girls from Burma who will be joining us in The Mulch Pit, found it irresistible.) 

Watering plans in our not-wet wet season have shaped up in the form of 3 green watering cans hidden near the secret garden entrance. Also nearby is a Bokashi liquid bulk container for people to use the concentrate to make fertilizing liquid for their gardens. Use it at 10 to 1. 

--yours in the garden, 


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