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Saturday Journal #5

It was hot and sunny in the Pit today, but lovely too. The humidity seems to have backed off a bit and we're getting things done.

We started with a meditation on soil - thanks, Gai. Holding a handful of soil from the gardens we've built and developed was very moving. It brought home the realization that all life is dependent on the stuff. Everything comes from soil, everything is soil, transformed for a time, then returns.

Ben and I mixed up some batches of mulch-and-poo and created planting spots for 5 native pampas grasses and a couple of butterfly attracting natives (we created a boat-shaped bed for those).

Gai finished creating one of the compost bins out of shade cloth that she's been working on and filled it with some nearby stuff and things.

Shirley tackled weeding out some stubborn nutgrass near the paw-paws to make space for those native grasses.

I planted five red bean tree seeds in mounds of mulch-and-poo.

Penny, Gai, Ben and David worked on spreading some mulch so that we can capture some of the water run-off from the beds in the "Wood" mandala and start building up some soil around the place. Thanks, Jonathan and David, for moving those pallets.

A couple of visitors and one new "plotter and schemer" signed on - welcome, Pandie.

The grasses and butterfly plants, along with a red custard apple (well done on growing that from seed, Gai) will be planted out tonight when it's a bit cooler.

It was a good morning, finished off with tea and coffee and deliciously cold ice cups (thanks, Shirley and Russell in Frilly's!)

Pics from this morning posted in the gallery.

Oh, and we seem to have scored a pretty decent wicker chair for the resource library - now we need a cushion, a lounge, and a nice low table...

see you in the garden -


Pit Plans #3

Ah, these bright blue beautiful days!

There are a couple of things happening around the place tomorrow, 13 March 2010. A working bee has been organized to sort out a water intrusion problem on the side of the church building that is being leased by Larrakia Nation Aboriginal Corporation. Of course, the Op Shop will be going strong, and Frilly's for Refreshment, the Fair Trade coffee and tea cafe.

And the garden! Projects galore.

How about an 8 30 a.m. start with a soil meditation. Gai has found a great resource to "ground" us for our working and being in the garden.

Then we can get stuck in for about an hour, and either break for tea and coffee then or some might want to help with the working bee for a bit.

Here's a quick 1, 2, 3 -

  1. Get grounded with the soil meditation.
  2. Finish pulling the noxious grass by the paw paws on the oval side of the garden, and replace with native pampass from the Greening Australia sale last week. While we're in that side of the garden, plant the turkey bush seedlings in the mulch area, as well as the red bean tree seeds we didn't get to last week.
  3. Spread mulch around the existing beds to begin some soil development by retaining water and stop the deep pitting of the garden area when it rains. We'll water the beds to see how it works.

So it's pull, plant, spread. A really good workout, no? Many hands make light work so do come along!



Saturday Journal #4

It was blazing hot today by about 8 15 a.m. But, mission accomplished on most fronts in terms of the Pit Plan from yesterday.

Thanks to Dave and Jonathan for layering mulch and poo in the snack garden after I had fun making the sides out of paperbark branches from around the place. We didn't get the organic popcorn seeds in - it was too hot - but tonight after a meeting some of the kids helped get that done - thanks Bridget, Emma, Jessie, Will, and Jarrod. So...snacks on the way... Nice work on replacing that paw paw, too, Jessie and Jarrod.

The watering also got done with a tag team effort with me and Jonathan and Dave. Thankfully, there was a nice little shower at the end of the day to keep that going. Pollinated a couple of pumpkins (only one male flower available so he got around a bit). 

I buzzed off to Greening Australia for their monsoon madness sale and picked up some nice things to put in around the place. I'm too tired to remember what they are right now...

We didn't get the red bean tree seeds planted, so that's for another day.

There are lots of mung beans ready for eating and harvesting for seeds, and the pumpkins are ripening nicely in their bra trapezes.

See you in the garden -




Pit Plans #2

The sun is shining, which means a number of things for The Mulch Pit tomorrow (Saturday, March 6 2010).

  1. It will be hot so let’s work early - 8ish to 930.
  2. It will be bright and beautiful so let’s enjoy!
  3. It will be drying out the beds so let’s water.

The rain we’ve just had has meant a few things, too.

  1. The pumpkins and peanuts and paw-paws are growing so let’s admire them.
  2. The weeds are growing so let’s pull them up.
  3. The ground is ready for planting so let’s plant red bean tree seeds (thanks, Susan, for donating them.)

Suggested schedule for Saturday, March 6 2010.

1. 8ish - 9 30   

  1. Pull weeds.
  2. Water beds.
  3. Plant red bean tree seeds.

2. 9 30 - 10 30


3. 10 30 - 11 00

Morning tea/coffee at Frilly’s.
We have lots of little paper seedpots and some seeding mix so we can pot while we talk.

What to bring

  1. Gloves for weed pulling.
  2. Trowels for planting.
  3. Bit o’ cash for Frilly’s and Greening AUS (you know you’ll be tempted to buy something for home!)

See you in the garden!



Saturday Journal #3

Okay, Okay. Be careful what you wish for. Boy did we get rain -

137.6 mm yesterday

130.2 mm today (as of 4 p.m.)

But it inspired rather than stopped us in the Mulch Pit today. Thanks to our handy-dandy Op Shop on site we had supplies to make pumpkin bras to get the pumpkins up out of the mud. It's harder than it looks to do and a rather delicate operation (any good recipes for green pumpkin curry out there for those couple we accidentally snapped off the vine?).

The other ideal thing about the Op Shop is that it's good shelter. Gai set up a learning centre inside about sustainability, one of the garden (and the church's) practices.Complete with how to make seedling pots out of newspaper and stuff to plant in them.

It was a good day, rain included.