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Bonus working bee

Thanks to the long Easter weekend for another round of the Pit Crew.

Great work today, Jarrod, Lucy, Paul and me! We waterproofed 6 giant pavers to prepare them for the path into Frilly's, the fair trade cafe that operates on Mulch Pit Saturdays.

And only one injury! Sorry about the finger incident, Lucy.

But it was all made better with April's outstanding pumpkin pie. Yep, you guessed it - Mulch Pit pumpkins. Just as I remember from the good ole USA.

There are at least 9 big pumpkins in the Pit and more coming on. Start sending in your recipes now, people! That means you Andrew T. with your aunty's full-on pumpkin cookbook!

see you in the garden -



Saturday Journal #8

It was a bright and sunny morning in the Pit today, with a breeze making it just about bearable.

Will, Jarrod, Miel, April and I set about putting some seeds in pots. We planted tomatillos (fantastic for salsa) and watermelons like the one sprouting above. This variety is called "Moon and Stars" and I look forward to seeing their blueish bellies and bright yellow spots, some small like stars and some big like mooons. Well done, seed sowers!

Some people stopped by to have a look and see how to be involved. They don't feel ready to put in for a plot yet, but are willing to start learning tropical gardening by working on the common areas and doing the projects around the place.

Plotter and Schemer from Burma, Sarah Sarah, stopped by to check on her tomato and cucumber seedlings. All's going well though the pumpkins still threaten to take over her whole plot.

The pumpkin muffins were a nice treat at Frilly's when we took a break for morning tea. The question emerged - savory or sweet? The recipe calls for very little sugar and the pumpkins themselves aren't terribly sweet. Honey butter with cinnamon? Thyme or oregano butter and served with a fresh veggie soup? Possibilities are endless.

Lucy reminded us that the mosaic making day for stepping stones in the garden by Frilly's is coming right up. Bring your old tiles and plates for smashing and creating, April 24.

See you in the garden -


Pit Plans #6

Despite the strange blistery bumps persisting on my arm from last week's gardening escapades, if it's nice and cool in the morning you'll find me in the Mulch Pit.

There are many things to check on - the pumpkins are going bananas (how's that for a hybrid), the paw paws need filling in and we should all be thinking seedlings, seedlings, seedlings.

We'll start around 8 30 with pumpkin inspections and possible pollinations.

Then -

1. fill in mulch and poo around the paw paws to make a nice border on the eastern edge.

2. plant seeds in little newspaper pots and plastic bottle bottoms (recycle mania)

3. pot up some seedlings

Morning tea at Frilly's at 10 ish with warm pumpkin muffins - from garden to oven to cafe...

Check out the Updates page for daily moon planting info and Info for an April planting chart.

See you in the garden.


Saturday Journal #7

The Mulch Pit was pretty empty this morning, with everyone off doing other things. Personally, I was home nursing a swollen eye and puffy wrist (note to self - when helping oneself to seed pods off a grevillea in the Bunnings parking lot, be careful with the sap).

Since I could still see out of my eye, just, I spent some time reading up on what's good to plant at this point in the moon cycle and exploring various articles on urban and suburban food production. (Thanks for that link, Gai.)

And dreaming about what The Mulch Pit wants to be when it grows up, like Veg Out community garden in Melbourne, perhaps?

I like what they have to say for themselves -

Unlike most community gardens in Melbourne, Veg Out lacks rigid barriers between common land and each plot; the paths curve and meander; flowers, vegetables and artworks have equal standing; the rabbits, chickens, budgies and quails add yet another dimension; and the friendships that have sprung up between gardeners, artists and visitors make the gardens an oasis of calm in one of Melbourne's busiest tourist precincts. A very fertile and creative place.

See you in the garden -



Pit Plans #5

It's a poo party once again tomorrow, 27 March.

Bring a spade or shovel and your gloves...wheelbarrow if you have one.

the snack garden beginnings

We'll be building up around our paw paw so they have plenty of stretching out room.

Let's look and see if the red bean tree seeds are sprouting, and take care with the other natives we planted a couple of weeks ago. Maybe they need some poo and mulch mixture to carry them along after the heavy rain.

The snack garden could use another round of popcorn seeds as the first ones didn't take too well. Also some sunflower seeds.

So, here's the 1, 2, 3 -

1. Poo to the paw paws

2. Looking after natives

3. Planting in the snack garden

Anyone really good at making signs? It would be great to label our common area plants. Let's talk about that over morning tea at Frilly's.

See you in the garden -