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Saturday Journal #12

Whew! What a day...and the Pit!

Today we cleared one of the three circle gardens that haven't been claimed yet by others who want to be Plotters and Schemers in the Pit. It's a Mulch Pit patch and Jarrod, Will, Lucy, Gai and I took out the pumpkins, made a fantastic brew of poo and mulch and water to spread over the whole area, fixed the edges, remade the centre path, and "frosted" the "cake" with a light blanket of new mulch. It'll be ready to plant out soon, especially once we rig up the Hill's Hoist shade tent (nice tip shop run, Gai!)

Lachlan and Emily from Lakeside Drive Community Garden stopped by to drop off some flyers for the Grow Your Own workshops coming up (some will be held in the Pit...see the Pit Plans post below) and a fundraising arts auction.

And tonight we held our first garden party with a farewell to the lovely and wonderful caretakers who have done so much to make the place come alive - we'll miss you, April, Jonathan, and Miel. Travel well and stay in touch!

Drums, candles, speeches, yummy food and a beautiful breeze in the midst of that's a community garden in action.

see you in the garden - Jana



Pit Plans #10

It's just about to be International Composting Awareness Week! Yippee! Thanks, Anjea from Lakeside Drive Community Garden, for passing this on from Catherine Orme at CDU.

So, in honour of ICAW, let's do our composting ABC's tomorrow.

A - add stuff to the compost bin and aerate it

B - bokashi juice the plants that are going in the garden now

C - create more compost bin space and layers

Also, we'll be talking at Frilly's over a Fair Trade cuppa about our participation in the upcoming Grow Your Own workshops and permaculture design course. We're slated to host a couple of the workshops in May and June and maybe the course, as well. 

More info about all of that on the updates page.

See you in the garden -




Saturday Journal #11

What a beautiful day in the Pit!

Lucy did a fantastic job of organizing a mosaic paver making day for kids big and small. Here's what we smashed last night and there was heaps more for today! Lots of fun was had by all. Pictures in the gallery.


We also picked a peck of pumpkins...and gave them away at Frilly's cafe. Lovely pumpkins to lovely homes - $20 in donations raised! We trimmed back the ever-encroaching pumpkin vines, too. I think they would have stretched all the way to your house...

And we created the debut Pit Podcast. Click here to go to where you can download it. I'm working on putting it up on iTunes for you to subscribe to future podcasts.

Speaking of subscribe to this blog, just click on the link in the top right under the butterfly.

This first podcast was, in keeping with the mosaic garden beautification project, an enquiry into what makes community gardens beautiful. Thanks to everyone who was sporting enough to be interviewed.

Well done, Lucy, on a beautiful idea, beautifully organized and implemented.

See you in the garden,



Pit Plans #9

I'm on my way to the Pit now to turn this lovely tip shop plate into bits and pieces. We're going to be having a smashing good time in preparation for the Mosaic Making Day tomorrow.

Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old.
-  Franz Kafka

And to that we say, you're never too young to start appreciating beauty.

Tomorrow's Mulch Pit features the boys group from Nightcliff Uniting Church getting stuck into making beautiful mosaic pavers for the garden. And girls are welcome too - and everyone of all ages!

You can either come tonight at 6 30 to the smashing party, or smash your own tomorrow morning from
8 30 a.m.

I'll be there with my podcasting equipment and we'll get started on some episodes to share the garden love...Be ready to tell me (for the record) what beauty means to you!

See you in the garden -



Saturday Journal #10

Thanks to the Mulch Pit crew who moved the pavers to the front entry garden. Well done!

What else did you get up to today in the Pit?

Comment below and tell us all about it...