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Communal Gardening - Friday February 10

Join us at the Mulch Pit this Friday from 5.30pm for some wet season gardening.  We'll be harvesting bamboo as well as weeding, pruning and mulching.  Whether it resembles embracing or battling with our jungle of edible wet season plants depends on your perspective!  
Hope to see you there.


Corn, 'Clips, Coffee and Cake - Special Event - February 25

Are you seeking a slower, simpler, more intentional life?
SimpleREV Local Darwin has selected a few of the best TedX clips across the globe, on all things simple and slow.
Grab some popcorn and watch inspiring stories about:
* Getting in touch with your inner tortoise
* The environment
* Guerila Gardening
* Technology
* Rewilding
* Smart consumer choices
There will be opportunities for discussion over Fair Trade tea, coffee and home made cake.
This is a fund raiser for the Mulch Pit Community Garden. All donations on the night support the Garden Shed project.

7pm    Saturday February 25
The Mulch Pit Community Garden
21 Cummins Street, Rapid Creek 

To RSVP go to our FaceBook event.


'Community Chef' Cooking night - Friday February 3

Join us from 5.30pm tomorrow evening at the Mulch Pit out door kitchen to cook and enjoy some moringa leaf dishes (otherwise known as the drumstick tree). These beautiful tender leaves are a great source of protein and iron and a staple in many tropical countries.
Please bring a plate of food to contribute to our shared meal or you may like to give a donation to the community garden.


'Permie Planning' Meeting - January Friday 27

Join us at the Mulch Pit this Friday, 5.30-6.30 pm to plan the next month's gardening and cooking activities at the Mulch Pit. We also have important decisions to make about the long awaited shed.  Hope to see you there.


Communal Gardening - Friday January 20

Join us for some wet season gardening this Friday evening from 5pm til dusk. We will pruning back some of the rampant growth in our exuberant jungle and saving the lime tree from being strangled to death.  We'll also be setting up irrigation for the vertical herb garden, making some minor repairs and planting out with fresh herbs.  If you have a plant you'd like to donate, please bring it along.  Hope to see you there.