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Gardening in The Pit - December 16

As the smell of mistletoe drifts through the air, The Mulch Pit is in wind down mode. A few of us are likely to be hanging out in the garden tomorrow night doing odd jobs, if you'd like to pop on down and meet us in the cool of the evening, but we won't be going ahead with our usual monthly planning meeting. So all those grand ideas you have for 2017 will have to hold over til our January gathering. So if we don't see you tomorrow, we wish you a happy Christmas, boots and all!


Communal Gardening - Friday Dec 9

Tomorrow night from 5:30 join us in the garden as we come to plant out our vertical palette gardens.  There is also a small blackboard painting job to finish off our wonderful work.  If you have a small herb suitable for this garden, your donation will be very welcome. Thanks to everyone who helped build the gardens which will no doubt inspire people who come to admire them at Frilly's + Nightcliff Uniting Church Op Shop.


Communal Gardening - Friday Nov 11

Our gardening activity this week is finishing the vertical palette gardens we started last month.  We have some final sawing, nailing and installing mesh to do before painting our masterpieces. See you in the garden from 5:30pm this Friday.


'Community Chef' Cooking - Friday November 4

Join us at The Mulch Pit outdoor kitchen TONIGHT for some fun and delicious cooking and eating. We will be making food with Yams and Salad Mallow (otherwise known as Egyptian spinach).
Bring food to share if you can or you might like to donate to our shed fund. From 6pm TONIGHT.


No formal activities in the garden this week 

Tomorrow night (27/10) there will be no formal garden activities at the Mulch Pit.  Instead, some of us are heading along to support our fellow gardener Lia Gill at the opening of her exhibition. We encourage you to get along and support this fantastic upcycling event!
We'll catch you in the garden next week.