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Saturday Platterday Working Bee - August 26

Come along tomorrow morning from 9:30am and help us set up a raised disability access garden bed. We're also looking for volunteers to set up our Produce Swap on Saturday mornings so the community can buy produce from our garden or swap their own excess for something they need. If you can help please get in touch.


Activities this weekend

Lots of great things happening in the garden this Saturday morning.  Help us establish a disability accessible raised garden bed.  We need to assemble the bed and fill it with layers of mulch and manure.  OR if you are feeling creative sign up for mural painting with Alison Dowell.  We are looking for 2 or 3 creatives who would like to participate in an art workshop on our new Garden shed doors to brighten up this space.  $10 donation towards materials appreciated.  Pls send us a message through the Website if you'd like to do this workshop.

Hope to see you in the garden this Saturday!


Tropiculture Trip

This Saturday at the Mulch Pit, we are heading down to Tropiculture to check out the range of banana plants... and choose some new varieties for our garden using our Darwin Show Prizemoney. Then we will return to the garden late morning to plant them out.
We have three seats available if anyone would like to come along for the ride. Meet at TMP at 9:30am tomorrow...or join us late morning to help plant out our new bananas.





The Mulch Pit Community Garden has a number of plots available for rent.   You must be willing to:

  •  Be part of a great community of enthusiastic tropical gardeners
  •  Have fun
  •  Learn and share knowledge about tropical plants and food
  •  Grow and eat healthy and organic food
  •  Look after your plot, keep it and the surrounding paths weed free, not use chemicals 
  •  Treat other people, animals, insects and plants with respect
  •  Participate in at least one communal garden working bee per month
  •  Attend garden meetings and contribute to the development of shared facilities within the garden

If this sounds like you, please download and read ‘Rights and Responsibilities Policy for Plotters and Schemers‘ on our website, just to be sure!   Then fill out the Membership Form.

Plot rental is $30 for the Wet Season growing period from October to April.  Apply now and get August and September free, a great time to prepare the plot for the coming Wet.

We are also looking for volunteers interested in special roles in the garden such as feeding chickens, fixing irrigation, organising working bees and cooking nights etc.  If you’re interested in taking on a special role, we’d also love to hear from you.

More information available from Lucy Van Sambeek at wmlrvansambeek(at) or 0417 927 657.


Natural Bee Keeping

"In the olden days, almost everyone had a bee-hive in their garden. Today, you rarely see bee hives in back gardens. Bees are disappearing. It’s a known fact that we no longer have enough honeybees to pollinate the world’s crops. In northern China, the honeybee is almost extinct due to the excessive use of insecticides. Gangs of people climb trees with bags of pollen and tiny brushes to hand pollinate fruit crops.

We need to have more bees and the best way is to have a small hive in your back garden. Keep Bees for the bees’ sake and value them as pollinators first (and honey producers second). Become natural beekeepers. Rather than a focus on ‘taking from’ the bees, natural beekeeping is about ‘giving back.’ Natural Beekeeping promotes the Kenyan Top Bar Hive as one of the natural bee hives for backyard and small-scale Beekeepers (Bee-carers)."

The Mulch Pit is hosting two courses over the next two weekends.  

You can find more details on the website of Natural Bee Keeping.