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Vision for 2017-18

Footings of the new TMP Resource Facility (aka Garden Shed) laid March 2017The Mulch Pit recently held it's annual Dream and Scheme gathering with lots of favourite moments shared and ponderings about future possibilities. The Visioning document for 2016-17 which emerged from our converstion reflects what it is we have achieved and have done well over the past year which fits within the three overarching permaculture ethics of Care for Earth, Care for People, Enough for All. We also reflected on what we didn’t do so well or what we could do better, within the limitations of our resources and capacities. Some of these reflect hopes and dreams for the year ahead.  Be sure to check out the document here and jump on board with our dreams and schemes.
This week also signalled the laying of the footings for our Resource Facility which will house our garden tools as well as provide a workshop and meeting space.  This has been about 3 years in the making, so it's a big relief to have the building start.
Next week, Nightcliff Uniting Church will hold it's annual AGM.  Penny put together a great report to present at the meeting which you can download here

Quote of the week "The Mulch Pit Community Garden is an unpainted picture, a fluid thing”.

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