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Communal Gardening - Friday December 8

We have a big pile of mulch that needs moving.... and a wet season on its way.
Come and join our communal working bee this Friday to help us clear the paths in our earth mandala garden and lay down some mulch on our pathways. This will help us keep the garden under control during the mad growing wet season. All equipment supplied.
All gardeners new and old welcome from 5:30 this Friday!


Community Chef Cooking Night - December 1

Come and join Lia and Lucy in the outdoor kitchen for our last cooking night of the year.  Learn some new recipes and how to use green bananas and okinawan spinach in your cooking. Easy to grow in your backyard and serve up to impress your friends.
Bring a plate to contribute to our shared meal or a donation to contribute towards the cost of ingredients.
From 5:30pm tonight at the Mulch Pit.


Permie Planning Meeting - Friday November  24

Would you like to be a Plotter and Schemer at The Mulch Pit?
A plotter is someone who rents a piece of earth at the garden, cares for it and participates in garden decision making. A Schemer is someone who loves to participate in building community at the garden. Both Plotters and Schemers are very welcome to attend our Monthly Permie Planning meetings. Now is a great time to get involved as we have a number of volunteer jobs, looking for willing hands to take them up. Get involved and meet a great bunch of like-minded people who are committed to Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share. Our next gathering is this Friday from 6-7pm. Hope to see you there!


Bee Friendly Update

Lia and Lucy did a routine check on The Mulch Pit bee hive today.  Comb building appears to have slowed down and the hive is a lot quieter.   There is a possibility some of the bees have moved on with another queen bee. Lia robed up and Lucy was relaxed about it all as usual. Guess who walked away with 4 stings?

Communal Gardening - Friday November 17

We had a great time at The Mulch Pit last Friday night learning about propagation from Lia and how to take and strike cuttings ready for the Wet growing season. We'll be doing some more this Friday and planting some seeds to raise in the shadehouse. 
There's also some clearing up remaining to be done in our old potting up area. Come down and have a chat about plots - we have one left for rent!  New and old members and friends of the garden welcome this Friday from 5:30pm.