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'Community Chef' cooking night - September 6

Everyone is welcome to join us in the outdoor kitchen this Friday night for our Cooking Night. 'Community chef' Lia Gill will be demonstrating how to use sweet leaf in a kangaroo dish and moringa in soup. Come early to help harvest from the garden, learn about the plant, prepare ingredients and learn to cook these fabulous dishes. Please bring along either a plate of food for our shared meal or a donation to the garden. That's from 5:30pm this Friday evening.


Communal Gardening - Saturday September 30

Come and join us in the garden Saturday morning ... we have plenty of jobs for willing peeps including helping to install the shadowboard in our new garden shed and set up irrigation in the shadehouse.  Don't forget to bring along any produce or plants you'd like to swap at our Produce Swap Table, and have a cuppa in the cafe at Frilly's + Nightcliff Uniting Church Op Shop. There's lots to do this Saturday! See you there.


Activities this week - September 16

ith the arrival of some new members, we will be focusing on orienting ourselves to the space, planning in more detail gardening sessions this month and tinkering around in the garden. Please join us from 8.30am tomorrow then stay around for a cuppa and chat at Frillys.  As always our produce swap will be operating from 10 and 11:30am. Bring along your excess produce to swap or donate to buy.


Official Shed Grand Opening - September 9

Join us tomorrow at 10am for the official grand opening of the new Mulch Pit shed: lovingly brought into being over several years of dreaming, fundraising, mosaicing, painting and paving workshops. We will be celebrating with bubbles, coffee and cake under the shed verandah. Lia will lead the children in some craft activities to give the final decorative touches. 
And if you feel like getting more involved in the Mulch Pit join us for the monthly meeting at 8am.


Saturday Platterday Working Bee - September 1

It's moving day!
Come along this Saturday morning to help us move all our gardening gear from the shadehouse into it's new home. There will be jobs for all abilities from labelling storage boxes and moving gardening tools and equipment to putting unwanted items on the verge for the council clean-up. We would love your help in this big and exciting job!
That's this Saturday morning from 9ish.