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The Mulch Pit is a place for growing food and fun.

It's hosted by Nightcliff Uniting Church, and open to everyone! (member info and form)

The Mulch Pit is a permaculture garden, which means three simple things -

1. Care for the earth.

2. Care for people.

3. Enough for all.

In practical terms, that means the garden is organic (no chemicals) and tries to be in tune with the local environment, the neighbourhood and, with all humility, the universe.

We've fleshed out how we aim to care for the earth and people and live out the notion of enough for all in the following ethics. The ethics are each connected to a practice, one of the essential elements that make up life on this fabulous planet and a statement of how we hope to be a community garden.

1. Hospitality

Earth - Yellow

The Mulch Pit is inviting, inclusive, safe and respectful.

2. Discernment 

Fire - Red

The Mulch Pit operates by a consensus decision-making process.

3. Sustainability  

Wood – Green

The Mulch Pit incorporates sustainable practices, maximizing local resource use and on-site recycling.

4. Connectivity
Metal - White

The Mulch Pit is a community space and community events are integral to the design.

5. Spaciousness
Water - Blue

The Mulch Pit is open for all of the community and is always in process, guided by fun, art, creativity and beauty.